PVS Contractors Wins at the CGA International Locate Rodeo

PVS Contractors is proud to announce Dana Trenholm attended the CGA International Locate Rodeo at the Dallas Texas Motor Speedway October 11th – 14th and won 3rd in the Water and UTTO virtual reality divisions.


The International CGA Utility Locate Rodeo is a challenging and prestigious event that happens annually and provides a stage to highlight the locating profession. The rodeo allows professionals to demonstrate the safety, skills and continual educational efforts that are needed to excel in their line of work through friendly competitions in the divisions of telecommunication, gas, water, power and ‘Locate from Hell’. After winning 1st in Water at the ORCGA in 2017, Dana was awarded an all-inclusive trip to the rodeo.


“Dana’s drive for success, and passion for the locate industry was proven invaluable when facing off against the world’s best locators.  I know Dana will beat himself up about not achieving a first place finish, but we are immensely proud of his accomplishments on this stage.  I look forward to him coaching our future winners to 1st place finishes.” said Jason Edwards, General Manager with PVS Contractors.


To receive more information on our locating services or to learn about PVS’ role in the Locate Rodeo, please email office@pvslocates.com.



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