PVS Alberta Makes its Mark


April 2, 2020


PVS is pleased to announce that its new office in Edmonton, AB, is officially open! Located at 5217 87th St, the office sits near the city’s south outskirt. The office formally opened on April 1st, with its employees completing the first locates in -20 degree weather.


This expansion allows PVS to provide its damage prevention and asset management services to its new clients. It will also be able to provide additional access to its national clients in Alberta.

AB first locate 3                PVS office in Edmonton

The new office has 19 locators and a new manager, Cam Middlebrough, who is local to Edmonton and comes with many years of experience – bringing essential knowledge to the fresh team. As the business continues to grow, the new office space also has ample room to add several new talented employees to the growing team.


If you have any questions about PVS Alberta, please email office@pvslocates.com

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