Products & Services

  • PVS Customers Include: Utilities and infrastructure operators, commercial and institutional property owners, apartment and condo boards, and private homeowners
  • ON1CALL Locates: PVS crews complete more than 300,000 gas, electric, fiber, CATV, water, sewer, and municipal street light infrastructure locates per year
  • Private Locates: Privately owned infrastructure is generally not included with ON1Call locate requests. From GPS to GPR and concrete scanning, PVS can assist with most underground utility locates. Order a Locate Now
  • Homeowner Locates: In conjunction with ON1CALL locates, PVS can perform a full property scan to determine if any privately owned services are on your property. – Order a Locate Now
  • SUE Utility Locates: PVS works with utilities, municipalities and infrastructure service providers to supply on-demand locates of buried plant. Whether you need to plan a large project or you need verification of your utility records, PVS has the knowledge, workforce, and equipment to provide all the utility location information you require

A History of Responsible Innovation

Since our inception in 1977, PVS has demonstrated leadership in industry innovation. Recognizing the need to responsibly track locate information, PVS were among the first participants in the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)and Locate Consortium pilot.

Taking Health, Safety and Environment Standards to the next level

The cornerstone of PVS's business is OEC's award-winning "Stayin' Alive Safety Program". PVS is part of the OEC Family of Companies and safety is imbedded into our culture and practices. We constantly monitor and review workplace hazards and continually improve best practice policies and procedures. Our focus never deviates from the safety of our workers, the public we serve and the environment we live in.

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