- Asset Management

  • Above Ground: Inspection, maintenance, remediation and development of aerial infrastructure
  • At Ground: Manhole inspection and maintenance related to concrete spalling, electrolytic and natural corrosion of metal fixtures
  • Below Ground: Damage/incident/root-cause investigations related to atmospheric and aquifer leaks, fires and explosions; leak and corrosion detection using GPS integration for GIS support; tracer wire fault location using H-Frame and radio detection; odorant testing
  • Roadway Services: Depth of cover surveys for underground assets utilizing electromagnetic locate technology with integrated GPS
  • Site Restoration: Sodding, hydro seeding, asphalt paving, interlocking, concrete work and retaining wall installation and repair
  • Street Lamps: Including inspections and night patrol; routine lens washing, re-builds and re-lamping; emergency repair and replacements of streetlamps, poles and underground cable; LED conversions; pole testing and remediation
  • Cabling & Wiring: Certified for installation, repair and retrofit of interior and exterior data and telecom wiring, cabling and fibre connections; including security camera installations
  • Prevention: OEC’s companies are utility specialists. Our service teams are focused to ensure the safe, uninterrupted, and efficient operation of your infrastructure. We anticipate and remediate costly failures before they occur
Photo of UTS Consultants Inc. engineers performing pole inspection.
Photo of El-Con Construction Inc. work crews performing overhead streetlight maintenance using aerial lift truck.

Core Competence & Experience

OEC Utilities Infrastructure Group management and work teams have shared responsibility in the creation and operation of key civic, industrial and commercial infrastructure.

Vital Training & Equipment

The OEC corporate family of aligned trades and services make us effective well beyond where most
construction contractors fall short – assuring service continuity and accountability.

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